What is the Success Rate of BEVTRADERS?

The success rate of BEVTRADERS is dependent on the investment plan of our clients. The more cash we have to trade with, the more success we have.

How Long Has BEVTRADERS Been in Business?

We have been in existence since 2013 making profits.

Is There Proof Of Withdrawals From Successful Clients?

Yes there is. We have trade results showing successful deposits to clients. The clients also have slips proving they have received their payouts without hassles.

How Many Clients Do You Serve?

As at December 2017, BEVTRADERS has over 1,000,800 official clients across its trading packages.

How do we register to get started?

You can register on the site by yourself and we would contact you with the investment guide. Also, you could send an email to info@bevtraders.com and we would assist you in getting started.

Is there a contract issued between client and BEVTRADERS?

Yes there is a legally binding contract issued to our clients.

How long does it take to start trading once we fund our account?

Immediately your funds are received, we start trading for you. How are funds transferred from client to BEVTRADERS? We accept Bank wire or Bitcoin. We have banks for deposit in the UAE, Switzerland and in the USA, South Africa, whichever you prefer.

Does BEVTRADERS issue a 1099? Does BEVTRADERS Capital report to the DIFC?

No, we do not issue a 1099. Yes, we report to the DIFC.

If funds are funded from one bank, can they be withdrawn to a different bank?

Yes, we send payouts to whichever bank you request we send payouts to.

Can we fund account from a business, LLC Or Corporation? And withdraw to same business?

Yes you can do this.

Is there a referral system?

Yes, there is an excellent referral system at BEVTRADERS called the BEVTRADERS Referral Program.

Do we have a personal account manager? How do we contact this manager?

All Investor accounts are handled by our account managers (you can request contact info of your account manager). They can be contacted anytime.

What are the best hours to reach the company and our manager?

Because of the international time differences, any time may be a good time. Only understand that the managers have private lives too.

Are the managers friendly?

We have the friendliest managers in the business.

How do we monitor our investment?

Every client gets a Back Office on the platform to monitor the movements on their accounts.

What are the procedures for withdrawals, and are there any restrictions? Maximum? Minimum?

Withdrawals can be requested by sending a withdrawal request through the BEVTRADERS platform. Minimum withdrawal is $50. You can only withdraw your profits and bonus. You can withdraw your initial investment after the investment duration.

How many withdrawals can be taken in a month?

You can withdraw as much as possible. For the BEVTRADERS family plan, one withdrawal per month or two withdrawals per month, whichever is your preference.

How long can our returns sit in our accounts?

For as long as you like.

How safe is our money in our accounts?

Safety is our watchword.

Once the trades have happened and money has been deposited to our account, is that our money?

Hell Yes!

We can pull it out?

Yes, when withdrawal time comes.

No one can touch it?


Or is that money fluctuating daily depending on trades?

We lose and win. But we win very significantly more than we lose, so we always come out on top.

How is our investment protected?

It is protected by the Investor’s Compensation Fund. Also, we’ve never lost anybody’s money.

Can I track my Trading Account for Deposits, Referrals, Withdrawals, Wins and Losses?

All you have to do is to log into your account dashboard to keep track of them.

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